Entity Developer


Professional tool for visually designing ORM models

  • Database-First Approach Support
  • Model-First Approach Support
  • Visual Studio Integration
  • Powerful Refactoring
  • Optimized Work with Large Models
  • LINQ Query Execution against Models
  • Template-Based Code Generation
  • Wide Choice of Predefined Templates
  • Flexible Generation Settings
  • Custom Templates Support
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Editor's review

Entity Developer 6.1.215reviewed by Tony Hill on 4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating4/5
Entity Developer is a professional tool for creating ORM models. It supports Entity Framework, NHibernate, LINQ to SQL and Telerik Data Access models. It was created for database developers to simplify the process of designing ORM models visually, without writing a single line of code.

First, a new model must be created. It can be created either database or model first, that is, from pre-existing database or without pre-existing database. By choosing a second option, a database will be generated from the model. You can also choose whether to enable or disable automatic sync with a storage part, during a conceptual part of designing process, when using model first approach.

When all is set up, you can use items listed in Model Explorer to start creating classes, inheritances, methods and similar, and drag them to the main window, where you can insert properties, create mappings and so on. Model Explorer also allows you to create your own templates or choose from the list of existing ones, for generating C# or .NET code from models.

Errors and warnings are listed in Error List, enabling you to see if something is not working properly, while the model is being edited. If there is an error or warning present, you can revalidate the model, after it has been corrected.

In conclusion, a useful tool for simplifying the process of creating database applications, while also presenting new ways of designing ORM models. Additionally, it also supports integration with Visual Studio.


Minimum requirements

• .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1

Limitations in the unregistered version

• 30-day trial

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Operating system: Win XP, Win Server 2003, Win Vista, Win Vista 64 bit, Win Server 2008, Win 7, Win 7 64 bit, Win Server 2008 R2, Win 8, Win Server 2012, Win 10, Win Other, Win Server

Uninstaller: not included

Supported languages: English

Release date: 2019-04-11

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